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The Benefit of Gelousy Gel Nails.

Posted 9/24/2015

The Benefit of Gelousy Gel Nails.


Gelousy is a gel liquid builder. It can be applied on your natural nails or over the tips. Gelousy gel products are odorless, hypoallergenic that will offer to client and nail technicians a friendly environment than acrylic. Gelousy gel gives a natural look, thinner and lighter than acrylic and the most important is not damage to your natural nails. Gelousy gel is last long and no fill line between fillings. Every times, when client come to get a fill, the old gel will be file to take almost the old gel off and reapply the new gel so the nails always look fresh. Clients can change different color for every fill. A choice of Gelousy pink and white or gelousy color which will give your nails very shiny and never get dull until the next fill.  




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